Moon… The Night Beauty!

When life seems to be tough and you feel there is no one with you. Just look into the sky and you will find me (Moon) with all my gleams & shine, watching you from the distant but still close to you.

Though there might be nights when you can’t see me up in the sky, it doesn’t mean that i am gone; its just this time i am behind you, to support you & follow you, so you can grow stronger & happier.

Always remember my friend, there will be loads of up’s & down, paths filled with thorns, stones & darkness in your life. Never ever be afraid of them, never ever be afraid of falling. Because once you start moving ahead…following your dreams, there is no turning back. Every difficulty or problem is temporary & will never last long. So bare with it. After all when i am gone, the brightest of us all, Sun arises with all its power suppressing the dark & impossible.

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