Don’t Stop! Start Again! Move On!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we find ourselves to be at the same point where we were years ago. Amused and terrified, we are unable to understand what is going on; all we know that it is happening!

You want to move out of that situation, but you are unable to do so, because maybe it is hurting you a lot, tearing you into pieces, or maybe it requires lots of courage to push yourself through that situation.

Whatever is the situation and how you feel… just hold on… take a deep breath and ask yourself just this one question, do you want to move out of this situation?

If, Yes! Your heart whispers! Gather all your strength, brush yourself up and tell yourself that you don’t deserve all this and you will not let the situation over power you. You will not stop, though you have landed again in the same place, you won’t going to stop! You will keep walking and overcome every hurdle; because if you surrender to your situation – you will lose to the situation and eventually you will lose yourself.

“In three words, I can sum up everything that I have learned about life: It goes on.”



“Delight of love keeps going, however, a minute. The torment of love endures forever.”

Love is a most beautiful, yet complicated feeling! Love can never be defined neither can be explained. But still it has numerous definitions and genres. It is said that you fall in love with the unexpected person at the most unexpected time. May be, its true! You just never ever will get to know what made you fall, but you tripped. Sometimes, it could be that smile, which you found to be cute or it could be the sudden care & attention you get from that special person. It could be anything, from simple lame reasons to complicated one’s. Love can make you have sleepless nights or it can give you peace. One day you will suddenly go to find all your favorite song’s lyrics have started giving meaning and you just try to correlate, swing around in the amused happy state. With love, accompanies other feelings too; jealousy, possessiveness, agony etc. It’s all beautiful. Because where there is love, there are always jealousy and possessiveness, after all, who wants to share their core of the heart with a third individual.