Don’t Stop! Start Again! Move On!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we find ourselves to be at the same point where we were years ago. Amused and terrified, we are unable to understand what is going on; all we know that it is happening!

You want to move out of that situation, but you are unable to do so, because maybe it is hurting you a lot, tearing you into pieces, or maybe it requires lots of courage to push yourself through that situation.

Whatever is the situation and how you feel… just hold on… take a deep breath and ask yourself just this one question, do you want to move out of this situation?

If, Yes! Your heart whispers! Gather all your strength, brush yourself up and tell yourself that you don’t deserve all this and you will not let the situation over power you. You will not stop, though you have landed again in the same place, you won’t going to stop! You will keep walking and overcome every hurdle; because if you surrender to your situation – you will lose to the situation and eventually you will lose yourself.

“In three words, I can sum up everything that I have learned about life: It goes on.”


Let it go!

​I let go. I accept my #life as it is. I don’t judge, I don’t dramatize. I let life’s events come freely and i welcome the #lessons they convey. I stop struggling now. I let go and know that God always gives me that which is most appropriate for my soul.


Brightest Day!

“For every single dark night there is a brighter day.” -Tupac Shakur

Nothing is permanent in this #world, just like the #darkest night sees the brightest day. Our griefs/problems/sorrows are temporary. They don’t last longer. Yes, perhaps they do when we hold onto them! #Good times and bad times are the two sides of the coin. Both shows up one by one, what makes a difference is the occurrence of each event. But, often we forget that both good and bad times have equal probability. One should never be disheartened under difficult circumstances. No matter what, always be#OPTIMISTIC! Always remember this, bad times are clear indication of good times are coming your way!!! – Saumya

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The Curly Hair Girl – DEATH!


Don’t be afraid of death, be afraid of an unlived life.
You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.

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Note: From today onwards, i am starting one of my series under the name of “The Curly Hair Girl”. I will be sharing some of my own thoughts and the best of motivational/inspirational quotes.



Tough Times!

“The bad thing about good time is that it passes away soon and the good thing about bad time is that it passes away too, not so soon but definitely”

‪#‎Tough_times‬ are the true test of one’s ability. Under severe pressure, the‪#‎coal‬ turns itself into ‪#‎diamonds‬. Similarly, tough times in our life comes to teach and make us learn life’s ‪#‎biggest_lesson‬. To help us convert from mere coal blocks into glittering diamonds. It helps us to find‪#‎our_own_worth‬. It helps us to find what is best in us. Whenever you find yourself under pressure, just close your eyes and ‪#‎repeat‬ to yourself – It is a temporary phase, it too won’t last!
Saumya Ganesh


Life is Beaultiful!

We all are  growing older, and in this process everyone experiences one or more ‪#‎challenging‬ things/situations in their life. Yes, life at times is ‪#‎difficult‬, and challenging though. There are times when nothing seems to be alright and is unfair. Yet, what I believe is that, ‪#‎Life‬ is still ‪#‎worth_living‬. Even with all the challenges and tough times we face, it is the most ‪#‎beautiful_gift‬ given to us by the almighty Lord. We must ‪#‎learn_to_endure‬ the challenges that have been brought forth by the circumstances and simply learn to love our life. Because we should never forget that what we have are dreams of millions who are deprived of it. And always remember, “Life does ‪#‎not‬ have to be‪#‎perfect‬ to be ‪#‎wonderful‬.” – Saumya Ganesh

Moon… The Night Beauty!

When life seems to be tough and you feel there is no one with you. Just look into the sky and you will find me (Moon) with all my gleams & shine, watching you from the distant but still close to you.

Though there might be nights when you can’t see me up in the sky, it doesn’t mean that i am gone; its just this time i am behind you, to support you & follow you, so you can grow stronger & happier.

Always remember my friend, there will be loads of up’s & down, paths filled with thorns, stones & darkness in your life. Never ever be afraid of them, never ever be afraid of falling. Because once you start moving ahead…following your dreams, there is no turning back. Every difficulty or problem is temporary & will never last long. So bare with it. After all when i am gone, the brightest of us all, Sun arises with all its power suppressing the dark & impossible.