Oh to be a butterfly and flutter my wings by your check
To have you admire me as I glide by your beautiful smile
To land upon your shoulder and watch you breathe
Oh to hear your voice sweetly recite
as you versed with magic tones
I would fly within your view

And from your sweet, sweet lips you would say,
Beautiful butterfly how I wish this night you were real
So I could hold you in my arms and love you always

Then the words would spin
My wings caught up in the twirl
And before your eyes…
I would be in human form
in your arms, forever more…


Pigeon — Social Animal!

‪#‎DidYouKnow‬: ‪#‎Pigeons‬ are incredibly complex and intelligent animals. They are one of only a small number of ‪#‎species‬ to pass the ‘‪#‎MirrorTest‬’ – a test of self recognition. They can also recognize each letter of the human alphabet, differentiate between photographs, and even distinguish different humans within a photograph.

‪#‎SocialAnimal‬ ‪#‎Pigeon‬